Buffalo Women's Golf Club

The Buffalo Women’s Golf Club, which was formed in 2006, originally started as the Western New York Chapter of the Executive Women’s Golf Association (“EWGA”), a national organization.  In 1980, the local chapter of the EWGA was formed to provide a networking club for women who golfed.  Over time, the requirements of the national organization conflicted with the desires of the local members, resulting in the formation of the Buffalo Women’s Golf Club (“BWGC”).

BWGC is a non-real estate golf club. It targets women who wish to play golf, do not have a desire to join a private club and are limited in the amount of time they have to play golf. BWGC offers six leagues at three excellent public golf courses to play nine holes of golf on four-week nights. The courses played regularly are Arrowhead Golf Course, Akron, NY; Diamond Hawk Country Club, Cheektowaga, NY; and The Links at Ivy Ridge, Akron, NY. All courses play late afternoon or early evening to accommodate women who work or have young children. "The club offers both competitive and non-competitive league choices for golfers of all skill levels"


COVID - 19 Golfing Guidelines

Golfers must maintain 6 feet from each other

No shaking hands or hugging prior or post round

No touching or sharing of transmittable surfaces such as Flagsticks, Pencils, Scorecards, and Clubs

The Cups are Raised

The Facility, Patio, and Restrooms will be CLOSED

Rakes, Ball Washers, and Coolers will be removed from the course

Golf Cart use One Per Player

If you are quarantined together you may ride together