BWGC Officers

We our a non-for-profit organization establish and governed by a President, V-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Coordinator and Board of Directors. The mentors of the golf leagues coordinate the league night golf schedule and assist the members if they have any issues. 



Nancy Preskop         716-471-3050 


Michelle Tronconi             716-913-9606


Karen Covert       716-777-1228


Cindy Smith             716-440-3480

Membership Coordinator

Karen Covert       716-777-1228

Website Editor

Nancy Preskop         716-471-3050


Board of Directors

Chair - Bittie Reitter 

Members - Michele Kalman, Donna Lamb, Denise Ligammare, Betsy Murrett, Nancy Preskop, Cindy Schlabach and Michelle Tronconi.

Member At Large: Cathy Lefko and Denise Ligammare

GHIN Membership Coordinator: Questions call/email below:

Cathy Harmon - 716-982-2741 -